Community engagement specialist. College instructor. Human development researcher. Lover of sci-fi, soccer, and doughnuts.

Finding ourselves in fictional worlds

Image from PIxabay by KELLEPICS

If I’ve learned anything from researching identity development, it’s that we cannot understand ourselves without looking outside ourselves. Science fiction does this on the grandest scale. It challenges us to contextualize human identity within an infinite universe. It prompts us to interrogate our values and confront the paradoxes of our…

Fostering community in online classrooms

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

When I enrolled in an online graduate program, I was met with several raised eyebrows and questions about whether my degree would be respected by potential employers. This kind of skepticism has been prevalent since the earliest days of online learning. Attitudes towards online education are changing, though. Demand for…

Reflections from a professor who has been labeled both

Photo by FerGalindo980 on Pixabay

We’re all at the mercy of our brain’s heuristics: the shortcuts that allow us to make sense of vast amounts of information. We ascribe labels to people as a short-hand way of understanding them. The trouble with labels isn’t always the labels themselves. It’s our inability to interrogate our own…

Building service into community engagement

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

Building Service into Community Engagement

In many ways, I think about community engagement like professional networking. The first step of engagement resembles an initial exchange of business cards. College representatives assess prospective students’ needs and demonstrate what they have to offer in hopes of fostering a mutually beneficial relationship. Like professional networking, successful community engagement…

Brynne Schroeder, PhD

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